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McIntosh Special Assignment Pizza Event

McIntosh County Farm Bureau held a Special Assignment Pizza event at the school in Wishek on March 11. During a Special Assignment Pizza (SAP) event students move from station to station to learn more about where the different ingredients in their pizza come from.

McIntosh County sponsors Special Assignment Pizza in Wishek

Jon Leadbetter shares information about dairy at SAP

Jon Leadbetter talks to a group of students about how milk from cows turns into the cheese that we love on our pizzas! Did you know here are more than 400 kinds of cheese, each with its own special look, texture and taste?

Rocky Brown shares information about crops that produce oil during SAP

Rocky Brown talks about oil and the North Dakota crops that contribute to making vegetable oil. The crops are sunflowers, soybeans, corn, safflower and canola. North Dakota is usually #1 in the production of sunflowers.

Tyler Mittenger talks about the beef and pork that are used to make pepperoni during the SAP event

Tyler Mittenger talks to students about pork and beef and how they contribute to yummy toppings for our pizzas. Did you know pepperoni, which is the most popular pizza topping, is made from both beef and pork?

NDFB staffer Joey Myers talks to the students about how sugarbeets are used to sweeten your pizza sauce at SAP.

NDFB staffer Joey Myers explains how sweeteners used in pizza dough and pizza sauce could be from sugar beets or from honey. North Dakota is typically #1 in the production of honey and #2 or #3 in the production of sugar beets.

Heather Lang talks about the wheat that makes your pizza dough at SAP

NDFB District 7 Promotion and Education Committee representative Heather Lang talks about wheat and how it makes your pizza crust. North Dakota is the largest producer of hard red spring wheat, which is the type of wheat used in pizza dough.

Wishek school kids enjoy eating pizza following a SAP event.

Wishek student enjoy pizza after the SAP event. Did you know that Americans eat more than 3 billion pizzas each year?

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