7/12/19 (Fri)

Summer to-do lists

NDFB Southwest Field Representative Haley Robison shared her summer to-do list on My NDFB Life.

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7/11/19 (Thu)

USDA extends reporting deadline

Producers in states impacted by floods and heavy moisture have an extra week to report spring-seeded crops.

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7/09/19 (Tue)

Hormones in your beef?

A new podcast from NDFB President Daryl Lies provides you with the straight scoop on hormones in beef.

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7/04/19 (Thu)

Offices closed

Our offices will be closed for the Independence Day holiday.

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7/03/19 (Wed)

Project Safe Send dates announced

The N.D. Department of Ag has announced collection dates for Project Safe Send.

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7/01/19 (Mon)

Making sense of the census

NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt makes sense of the census in a new post on My NDFB Life.

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6/27/19 (Thu)

Family comes first

AFBF President Zippy Duvall shares some thoughts on farming and family.

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6/25/19 (Tue)

Carbon dioxide should be used, not sequestered

New podcast from NDFB President Daryl Lies on carbon dioxide utilization.

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6/18/19 (Tue)

Hearing loss

More than one-third of farmers in the U.S. have hearing loss.

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6/17/19 (Mon)

It's Membership Monday!

There's nothing like a family road trip, are we right?

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6/12/19 (Wed)

Trade agreement grandstanding

A new podcast from NDFB President Daryl Lies on the grandstanding and foot-dragging that is delaying ratification of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

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6/11/19 (Tue)

2019 Gun Raffle underway

Only 1,500 tickets will be sold.

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6/07/19 (Fri)

Get a deal on lawn grooming

Did you know you can save by being a member of NDFB?

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5/31/19 (Fri)

The future of ag

A new post on My NDFB Life blog by Heather Lang, District 7 NDFB Promotion and Education Committee member.

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5/30/19 (Thu)

Farmhouse Treasures for You

Looking for a way to let more people know about the value-added ag products you make?

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