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FLP Institute - Growing the Mindset

Date/Time: Tuesday August 07 at 
Location: Thompson  

FLP Institute: Growing the Mindset

The Food, Land & People Program has been doing a series of classes focusing on STEM and STEAM lessons that have been well received by teachers across North Dakota. The 2018 Institute is designed for any traditional or nontraditional educator at any grade level or community education endeavor. In this two-day, 1 credit Institute, we will discuss and understand the fixed and growth mindsets and introduce educators to resources that develop a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, creative and investigative skills that students can use in all areas of their life. “Growing the Mindset” will foster the importance of viewing failure as a learning opportunity to find solutions to real-world problems. As a past public school educator and a teacher certified in three areas of special education, facilitator Ginger Deitz has always believed that intellectual skills can be cultivated with effort. STEM and STEAM classes provide opportunities for multiple right answers and approaches. Failure can be viewed as an opportunity to discover what went wrong and try again. With perseverance and resilience, and in a setting that we can dare to be risk takers, we can all grow a positive mindset!

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