11/01/13 (Fri)

Happy 124th North Dakota

BISMARCK, N.D. – Gov. Jack and First Lady Betsy Dalrymple will attend the christening of the USS North Dakota (SSN-784) Saturday, November 2 in Groton, Conn., as North Dakota celebrates 124 years of statehood.

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10/31/13 (Thu)

I am agriculture

And Happy Halloween, bovine style. Burleigh County Farm Bureau member Heather Lang shared this unique photo on our I Am Agriculture Facebook page. (Click on the headline for the photo.)

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10/30/13 (Wed)

Whatever you do, don't milk the cow

This blog post, written by Harmony Cox for the FBlog, tells it like it is on the farm. Click on the headline to read the post.

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10/28/13 (Mon)

Wet fall impacts hay quality

Shields-area rancher Ken Koch talks about how the wet fall has impacted hay quality in this week's NDFB Newsline...

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10/26/13 (Sat)

Is the oil crisis over?

An editorial by Stewart Truelsen - The energy crisis is behind us, right, or is it just taking a breather as it has from time to time? The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that the United States is expected to be the largest producer of petroleum and natural gas in 2013, surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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10/24/13 (Thu)

Poultry grower prevails against EPA

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 24, 2013 – Poultry and livestock farmers declared victory on Wednesday when a federal court ruled in favor of West Virginia poultry farmer Lois Alt in a lawsuit she brought against the Environmental Protection Agency.

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10/22/13 (Tue)

Collegiate FB President interviewed on Loos Tales

Dickinson State University Collegiate Farm Bureau President Steph Bohrer was interviewed by Trent Loos, recently.

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10/21/13 (Mon)

Trent talks ag advocacy

Radio personality Trent Loos spoke to students about agricultural advocacy at Dickinson State University last week. NDFB Newsline caught highlights from that talk...

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10/17/13 (Thu)

Consumer confusion

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, most people believe that the majority of today's farms are large corporate-owned farms.

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10/16/13 (Wed)

Loos to speak at Collegiate FB DSU event

Radio personality Trent Loos will be talking about agriculture advocacy to students at Dickinson State University this Friday.

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10/15/13 (Tue)

Farmers are losing their hearing

The results of Marjorie McCullagh's HEAR on the Farm research project, show farmers are losing their hearing at alarming rates.

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10/14/13 (Mon)

Rancher explains cattle losses

Cattle rancher and blogger Val Wagner, who also chairs the NDFB Promotion and Education Committee, shares insights into how unpredictable weather impacts ranchers and the cattle they care for.

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10/11/13 (Fri)

When cattle die from snowstorms

Some producers in southwestern North Dakota lost livestock due to last weekend's unseasonal blizzard. In South Dakota, the losses were catastrophic, making national headlines.

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10/10/13 (Thu)

$500 incentive extended to all GM models

Effective immediately the standard $500 Farm Bureau incentive available to members for acquiring eligible GM vehicles has been extended to include Buick Encore and Chevrolet Volt models.

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10/08/13 (Tue)

Doing farm research

Have you ever taken a nice country stroll and noticed that some corn and soybean fields appear to have perfectly even stripes occurring all the way across them?

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