5/31/23 (Wed)

Ag Commissioner talks about expanding animal agriculture

North Dakota Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring shares how changes in the anti-corporate farming law will help all of agriculture in the state.

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5/25/23 (Thu)

Final episode of Straight Talk's legislative season is live

Straight Talk's legislative season ends with a visit with North Dakota Ag Commissioner Doug Goehring.

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5/25/23 (Thu)

NDFB applauds Supreme Court's Clean Water ruling

NDFB issued a statement on the U.S. Supremet Court rulling in Sackett v EPA.

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5/24/23 (Wed)

Reminders of how life used to be

NDFB staff member Amy Neurohr shares her weather-related gr"attitude" adjustment in a new post on My NDFB Life.

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5/17/23 (Wed)

NDFB lobbyists share positive legislative outcomes for ag

Animal agriculture made significant strides in the 2023 Legislative Assembly. Read this excerpt from the most recent episode of Straight Talk with NDFB.

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5/12/23 (Fri)

How did agriculture fare in the 68th Legislative Assembly?

NDFB Straight Talk with NDFB host Emmery Mehlhoff talks with NDFB lobbyists Pete Hanebutt and Meghan Estenson, who share wins and losses for agriculture during the 2023 Legislature.

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5/10/23 (Wed)

4-H camp scholarships available

NDFB is once again working with county Farm Bureaus to assist students wanting to attend 4-H camps this summer.

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5/08/23 (Mon)

Speaking to the future of ag and politics

Not many people use "fun" and "legislative process" in the same sentence. Emmery does! Read her post for My NDFB life.

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5/04/23 (Thu)

Networking, growth and tan lines

What happens when a group of dedicated North Dakota Farm Bureau folks go to a FUSION conference in Florida?

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5/03/23 (Wed)

How does the Legislature balance the budget?

The North Dakota Constitution mandates a balanced budget. Learn more about how legislators balance the budget in our state.

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5/01/23 (Mon)

NDFB photo contest announced

Share your best North Dakota photos and you could win $300.

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4/26/23 (Wed)

It's down to the wire and it's all about balancing the budget

The 68th Legislative Assembly is drawing to a close, but the state budget still needs to be balanced. Straight Talk host Emmery Mehlhoff visits with House Appropriations Committee chairman Rep. Don Vigesaa in the newest episode.

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4/19/23 (Wed)

What two freshman legislators say about serving

In an excerpt from last week's Straight Talk podcast, Senator Judy Estenson and Representative Karen Anderson talk about serving in the state Legislature.

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4/14/23 (Fri)

A day in the life of a lobbyist

NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt shares his typical day during the Legislative Assembly for My NDFB Life.

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4/12/23 (Wed)

Judge's ruling blocks Biden administration WOTUS rule

American Farm Bureau issued a statement today after U.S. District Court Judge Daniel Hovland granted a preliminary injunction blocking the Administration's WOTUS rule.

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