Policy and Advocacy

NDFB policies are the culmination of the policy development process. Resolutions become organizational policy at the NDFB state annual meeting, when members representing each county Farm Bureau vote upon each resolution forwarded.

Get involved - Policy Development

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NDFB's 2023 Priority Issues

Where we stand - Policy Positions

General agriculture policies of NDFBGeneral Agriculture

Animal agriculture policy positions of NDFBAnimal Agriculture

Transportation policies of NDFBTransportation

NDFB's positions on government operations and lawsGovernment

NDFB's tax and fiscal policyTax & Fiscal Policy

NDFB's positions on education issuesEducation

NDFB's positions on natural resources and environmental issuesNatural and Environmental Resources

NDFB's position on property rights issuesProperty Rights

NDFB's positions on energyEnergy



For more information please contact Director of Public Policy Pete Hanebutt at pete@ndfb.org

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