June 8, 2018

Hearing aids could keep your mind sharper

Topic: Benefits

Hearing aids improve communication with friends and family, but they can do more than help you to hear. Hearing aids may actually help keep your mind sharp, and keep you healthier.

A 25-year study measured mental decline in people with hearing loss and people with normal hearing. They found people who had hearing loss — and chose not to wear hearing aids  had significantly more mental decline compared to people with normal hearing. However, people who wore hearing aids performed the same as people with normal hearing! Another recent study from Texas A&M University tested people with hearing loss on measures of memory, ability to focus, and speed at which they process information. After only six weeks of receiving hearing aids, hearing aid wearers could remember things better, focus better, and showed they were processing information faster than before.

Not only can hearing aids keep you mentally sharp, but having better memory, focus, and faster mental processing actually makes you seem younger to the people you interact with every day! And listener fatigue, a problem with hearing loss, is significantly lessened. Want to stay sharp as you age? Keep wearing those hearing aids.

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