November 3, 2018

Her favorite time of year

Topic: Leadership

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by Heather Lang

If you live in the Dakotas you might take for granted the picturesque blooming sunflower fields. Fields of big, beautiful, vibrant yellow heads pointing in the direction of the sun makes a breathtaking photo backdrop. In fact, many seek just the right field to shoot some photos in. Since sunflowers tend to bloom for 7-10 days before the petals start to fall off, some farmers have started charging a small fee to let people come into their field and take some photos.

The Dakotas happen to be the top producing states for sunflowers, but for me I look forward to the sunflower harvest season. I will be driving down the road and if there are sunflowers being harvested near by I can smell it, sometimes before I can even see them being harvested. 

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