March 22, 2022

National Ag Day

Topic: Events

Nationally, a Feeding the Economy report shows that 7% of the nation’s economy and 29% of American jobs are linked to the food and agriculture sectors, either directly or indirectly. Amidst the global supply chain and inflation crises, these sectors also exported $182.91 billion worth of goods, helping the U.S. maintain its position as a leading player in global agriculture. In 2021 these sectors contributed a total of $3.01 trillion to the U.S. economy.

In addition to providing insights on nationwide impact, the report breaks down the sectors’ impact by state and congressional districts. Key findings include:

  • Total Jobs:​ 43,464,211
  • Total Wages:​$2.30 trillion
  • Total Taxes:​ $718.15 billion
  • Exports:​ $182.91 billion
  • Total Food and Industry Economic Impact: $7.43 trillion

Read more about the new study here.