January 29, 2019

NDFB President issues new podcast

Topic: Issues

January 29, 2019: Private property rights take center stage for NDFB at the 2019 Legislative Assembly.

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NDFB: the member’s organization for private property rights. At the very backbone of the founding of our organization, we believe that private property rights ensures our freedoms and opportunities. And last week, NDFB stood up in favor of private property rights asking for support from the Senate Agriculture Committee on Senate Bill 2315.

This is the bill that considers all land posted, which gives us the inherent private property right of knowing who, when and where people are accessing our private property, not just free-will roaming, which is allowed now under state law.

This is a private property rights bill. Some have tried to take it as a non-hunting bill. But as everyone knows, our members, farmers and ranchers, are some of the most active sportsman in the state of North Dakota. We enjoy our agricultural heritage along with our outdoor and hunting heritage. So, we don’t want to jeopardize any of that fantastic heritage that we have here in North Dakota. Rather, we want to ensure that private property is protected – inherently protected – just as our Constitution of the United States guaranteed that our private property was ours to do with as we feel we need to for the safety of our family and living for our family.

And at NDFB, we took that stand, along with hundreds in attendance that want to protect private property rights in North Dakota.

The committee has yet to act on it, so there’s time to contact the Senate Agriculture Committee and also your individual senator from your district in the state of North Dakota and ask them to please respectfully support Senate Bill 2315 because it’s about private property rights, the very founding of our great nation. And we at NDFB will stand up every day for those property rights.