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Created: 10/13/20 (Tue) | Topic: Leadership

October 13, 2020: In less than a month, we will be voting for who we want to represent us at all levels of government. Are you ready? Do you know where the candidates stand on the issues that are important to you?

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'Tis the season, election season that is. At NDFB, we encourage and we try and provide information for our members to make an informed decision when it comes to voting. This time every two years is extremely important that we protect our freedoms, opportunities and self-reliance. It’s important we vote for folks that will ensure that those freedoms, those opportunities and our ability for self-reliance is protected, and in fact, enhanced.

There are many out there that talk the talk. But when it comes to voting, they don’t walk the walk. And sometimes you have to dig deep to find that information. This year happens to be a presidential election. And it is important, as farmers and ranchers, that we vote to support the presidential candidate who fights hard for our interests, who understands that agriculture is the backbone of this country, and that we, as North Dakota farmers and ranchers, play an important role in that every-day aspect growing the food that not only our communities and state and country needs, but the food that our nation will send across the seas to other countries.

Sometimes getting to the end game of where we want to be is uncomfortable and causes a little pain. But we can’t make improvements without stretching out of our comfort zone.

Now it’s not a popularity contest that I’m voting for. When I vote, it’s for the best interests of our agricultural life that I make that decision. I’m not afraid to say I’m casting my presidential vote for Donald Trump. Yes, we may not like his tweets at times, we may think he’s a little bit brash. But like I said, it isn’t a popularity contest. This contest is about who can get things done and is willing to challenge those that want to do unfair business with us. And I think he has that proven track record, rolling back regulations that are burdensome on farmers and ranchers, taking on countries that want to put pressures on us and have requirements they don’t require on any other country to do trade with them is the reason I’m making that vote.

I encourage you to look at the candidates. Look at their running mates and the statements they have made, not only on agriculture but on energy, also. Because in North Dakota, we lead the way, not only in this country, but in the world with our agriculture and energy sectors, which is thriving and is waiting to business with the world.  

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