Young Farmers & Ranchers

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About YF&R

NDFB’s growth and future success, just like a family farming operation, depends upon young farmers' involvement and participation.

There are more than 1,100 young farmers ages 18-35 who belong to NDFB.

The YF&R program provides opportunities for young men and women to participate in activities designed to develop agricultural leadership and improve their farm operations.

The NDFB Farm and Ranch Conference is a family-oriented weekend, held each winter, to provide not only useful information, but a chance for young families to meet with other young families from around the state.

The YF&R Discussion Meet is a competitive event designed to build crucial skills in problem solving and reaching consensus. The winner of the state competition represents North Dakota at the national competition. In addition, there is an impressive list of prizes.

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Many county Farm Bureaus also have active YF&R groups. Contact your county Farm Bureau to learn more.

To learn more about YF&R, contact the NDFB Director of Organizational Development, Joey Bailey.