Straight Talk with NDFB

NDFB hosts a podcast with Emmery Mehlhoff and Alisha Nord-Donnelly, designed to help farmers and ranchers gain a competitive edge. You can find Straight Talk on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music and Google Podcasts and iHeart.

Season 7, ep 16 Finale
Season 7, ep 15
Season 7, ep 14
Season 7, ep 13


Season 7, ep 12 (info on the March 22 workshop here.)
Season 7, ep 11
Season 7, ep 10
Season 7, ep. 9
Season 7, ep. 8 (Our Christmas episode!)
Season 7, ep. 7
Season 7, ep. 6
Season 7, ep. 5
Season 7, ep. 4
Season 7, ep. 3
Season 7, ep. 2
Season 7, ep. 1
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Season 6 

The sixth season of Straight Talk went back to its roots and focused on legislative issues, particularly how they relate to agriculture. The podcasts were issued every other week throughout the 68th Legislative Assembly and featured legislative leaders sharing more about the issues impacting agriculture.




Season 5

A holiday fifth season of Straight Talk featured vendors who participate in NDFB's Farmhouse Treasures for You member-to-member direct marketing publication. For five Wednesdays leading up to Christmas, your host, Emmery Mehlhoff shared stories from one of the participants in the publication. Be sure to listen!