From savings on motel rooms to prescription drugs, NDFB provides a variety of discounts that put money back in your pocketbook. Here are just a few testimonials:

"We were traveling in Iowa and needed a last-minute hotel room. My wife looked on the NDFB website to get the Wyndham Hotel code, and we booked a hotel room for $45 with the member savings code! We didn't even know you could get hotels for that price anymore!" - Scott

"I used the NDFB discount at Wyndham hotel for 3 nights and saved $53.28 versus an internet company on the web. I will check the NDFB benefits more in the future!" - Bob

"We have used the Avis rent-a-car discount twice in the last 6 months and it has basically paid for nearly two years of membership dues." - Brian

"I had 200 double-sided full color copies made at Office Depot, and purchased a few other office supplies. The total bill was $262, but I gave the check-out clerk my special Farm Bureau Office Depot savings card, and when he recalculated the cost, it was $133. That is a $129 savings – which paid for my Farm Bureau membership more than twice!” – Joey

"I stayed at a Days Inn. And their normal rate was $70 per night. The rate I received through NDFB’s discount program was $57 per night. I stayed there 5 nights, so I saved $65 in just 5 days." - Jeff

Do you have a story to share about how a NDFB member benefit saved YOU money? Email dawn@ndfb.org and we'll post it here! (Include a picture and we'll post that too!)