Conversations on Coping

Members of NDFB's Promotion and Education Committee developed a five-episode podcast to help rural people going through difficult circumstances due to weather and market forces. We hope these podcasts help people realize they are not alone and that we are in this together and will support one another. Just reach out.

Special thanks goes to Heather Lang of Sterling for spearheading and organizing the podcasts.

What happens when the bills pile up and you aren't sure where to turn, or if you can continue? Heather Lang of Sterling and Kara Wulfekuhle share some insights and thoughts.

What are the opportunities for agriculture in the future? Sharing their thoughts are Heather Lang of Sterling, Alysa Leier of Minot, Sarah Lovas of Hillsboro, Nate Schlief of Thompson, Carie Moore of Rocklake, Kara Wulfekuhle of Wahpeton, and Jolyn Wasem of Halliday. 

How do you deal with stress during difficult times? Alysa Leier of Minot and Tara Uran of Powers Lake share their insights into what works for them.

Depression not only affects you, it affects your whole family. Listen as Heather Lang of Sterling and Nate Schlief of Thompson share their stories.

Keeping a positive attitude in the face of adversity isn't easy, but Jolyn Wasem of Halliday, Sarah Lovas of Hillsboro and Carie Moore of Rocklake share helpful tips and personal stories.