12 games that help kids learn about food

Created: 11/06/13 (Wed) | Topic: Education

By Cyndie Sirekis

Help is available for parents and teachers who sometimes find it challenging to teach third- through fifth-graders about food and how it gets from the farm to their dinner plate. My American Farm, an interactive online resource available at, features 12 free games developed by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture for third- through fifth-graders.

1.      Power Up
Discover the amazing world of energy as you use Energy Expert 5000 to power up regions of land across a country in need. Curriculum focus is on science.

2.      Finders Keepers
Move fast to snag items from a moving screen to fill each food group. Curriculum focus is on health, math and science.

3.      Let’s Make Something Tasty!
Be a star chef as you use context clues to find the missing ingredients needed to make several tasty items. Curriculum focus is on health and language arts.

4.      Where in the World
Solve a mystery by locating where different crops and livestock originated around the world. Curriculum focus is on social science and geography.

5.      Amazing Grains
Test math skills and learn fun facts about America’s most amazing grains including corn, soybeans, wheat, rice and sorghum. Curriculum focus is on math.

6.      That’s Life
Race against the clock to put images of plant, animal and product life cycles in order. Curriculum focus is on science.

7.      AG Across America
Discover interesting facts about agriculture across America by solving geography-based questions. Curriculum focus is on geography.

8.      Harvest This!
Send fruits, veggies and grains flying through the air by solving math problems and loading crops onto different transportation vehicles. Curriculum focus is on math.

 9.      Keys to Stewardship
Race to earn points by finding hidden images in a farm scene. Curriculum focus is on science.

10.  My Little Ag Me
What can you do in agriculture? Build your very own “Little Ag Me” to find out. Curriculum focus is on language arts and careers.

11.  Spin-n-Solve Ag Challenge
Spin the wheel and solve word puzzles about science and technology involved in agriculture. Curriculum focus is on science.

12.  Wild Water Adventure
Test reading skills as you ski, kayak and raft through several obstacle courses. Curriculum focus is on language arts.

Games developed for pre-K students through sixth-graders also are available on the My American Farm site. The My American Farm educational resource is a special project of the Foundation. The site and resources are made possible through the generous support of title sponsor, DuPont Pioneer. To take advantage of free My American Farm resources, games and activities, visit

Cyndie Sirekis is director of news services at the American Farm Bureau Federation.


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