4-H season is about to start

Created: 3/01/21 (Mon) | Topic: Leadership

by Pete Hanebutt, NDFB Public Policy Director

Even though it’s still winter in North Dakota, the relative mildness of our current conditions makes us think spring is just around the corner. Spring in our house marks the beginning of 4-H season and for our family and many others this translates into show-pig shopping season. The big box stores may offer a President’s Day sale, or a Saint Patrick’s Day sale, but in the heartland of America, 4-Hers and their parents will be attending Spotlight, Jackpot, All Star, Purple Ribbon, Banner, Champions’ or pick your own catchy name sales for the next several months. It’s wonderful if kids can raise their own home-grown project animals, but not everyone has that ability, and spring sales for any number of species fill the need by providing junior exhibitors a variety of animals in almost every region of the country.

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