11/14/14 (Fri)

AFBF calls on EPA to ditch the Waters of the U.S. rule

WASHINGTON, D.C., – The Environmental Protection Agency’s and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ proposed Waters of the U.S. rule is a blatant effort to expand federal authority over land use by regulating land as if it were “water,” the American Farm Bureau Federation said today.

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11/14/14 (Fri)

Ag careers app released

The North Dakota Farm Bureau Foundation, in conjunction with the NDFB Promotion and Education Committee, has released an agriculture careers app for iTunes and Google Play called Ag Careers 4 U.

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11/13/14 (Thu)

Big data and its impact on ag

Agricultural data technology, which includes in-cab displays, mobile devices and wireless-enabled precision agriculture has already begun to boost farm productivity across the United States. But there some questions farmers need to ask themselves.

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11/12/14 (Wed)

Young farmers brim with optimism

Each year, the American Farm Bureau Federation surveys about 1,000 young farmers and ranchers from across the country. The 22nd annual survey found that 91 percent of young people in agriculture are more optimistic about farming than they were five years ago.

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11/10/14 (Mon)

Young farmers to compete this weekend

In this week's NDFB Newsline, North Dakota Farm Bureau Director of Leadership Development Joey Tigges, shares information about the Discussion Meet competition.

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11/06/14 (Thu)

The benefits of belonging

In addition to standing up for our members on important issues that impact agriculture and our economy, North Dakota Farm Bureau gives its members a variety opportunities to save some money!

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11/05/14 (Wed)

AFBF issues election results statement

WASHINGTON, D.C., – “The voters have spoken. Some will debate the meaning of the vote, but this much is clear to us at the American Farm Bureau Federation: Americans want – our farmers and ranchers need – common-sense governance and a halt to the punishing regulatory overreach that ignores the law and the courts.

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11/04/14 (Tue)

Being an informed voter

In our continuing What's on a farmer's mind? series, Dale, a farmer from Page, talks about why it's so important to be an informed voter.

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11/03/14 (Mon)

WOTUS deadline coming soon

NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt says people still have time to tell EPA to Ditch the Rule before the November 14 deadline. He explains why and how in this week's NDFB Newsline.

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10/31/14 (Fri)

What's on a farmer's mind? Ag education!

Oil has overtaken agriculture as the state's biggest generator of wealth. So why does this farmer think ag education is more important than ever?

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10/30/14 (Thu)

Trick or truth: What the EPA isn't telling you

WASHINGTON, D.C., – The American Farm Bureau Federation today released a legal analysis, “Trick or Truth? What EPA and the Corps of Engineers Are Not Saying About Their Waters of the U.S. Proposal.”

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10/29/14 (Wed)

Cramer recieves Friend of Farm Bureau award

U.S. Congressman Kevin Cramer received the Friend of Farm Bureau award today during a presentation at North Dakota Farm Bureau headquarters in Fargo.

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10/27/14 (Mon)

County annuals ending, state annual coming

In this week's NDFB Newsline, NDFB Executive Vice President Jeffrey Missling talks about county annual meetings and how they contribute to NDFB policy.

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10/23/14 (Thu)

FB TV includes N.D. family

American Farm Bureau Federation has started a Meet Our Members playlist on YouTube that includes a video of Trevor and Misty Steeke of Rhame.

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10/22/14 (Wed)

AFBF sponsors big data survey

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A survey by the American Farm Bureau Federation shows more farmers are reaping the benefits of the latest agricultural technologies, but most remain wary of risks involved with big data collection.

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