9/24/14 (Wed)

Ag adapts to changing climate

The din surrounding the climate change issue is up and down about as much as the weather itself. Some days the volume is cranked way up, with hundreds of thousands storming the streets of New York City to demand government intervention.

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9/23/14 (Tue)

Young farmer explains his opposition to Measure 5

Levi, a young farmer from Ypsilanti, explained his opposition to Measure 5 today on the radio program What's On Your Mind.

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9/22/14 (Mon)

New My American Farm app released

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has released a new version of its popular My American Farm app for iPads, Android tablets and Kindle Fire. The app is available for download on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

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9/19/14 (Fri)

Executive Order on antibiotics

The White House has issued an executive order on combatting antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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9/17/14 (Wed)

Save $500 on Chevy vehicles?

You read that right! If you are a Farm Bureau member in the market for a new vehicle, consider taking advantage of NDFB's Exclusive GM Private Offer.

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9/15/14 (Mon)

Group says no to Measure 5

The Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks amendment is on the ballot as Measure 5, and there is a group of more than 40 industry, agriculture, business and government associations committed to a VOTE NO position.

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9/11/14 (Thu)

In observation of Patriot Day

BISMARCK, N.D. – In accordance with a presidential proclamation, Gov. Jack Dalrymple has declared September 11 Patriot Day and a Day of Service and Remembrance in the state to mark the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks carried out against this nation on September 11, 2001.

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9/10/14 (Wed)

Feds overreach on states' water rights

Washington, D.C., – The Forest Service’s latest attempt to take water rights from farmers and ranchers violates fundamental constitutional protections, the Colorado Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation said today.

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9/09/14 (Tue)

Common sense needed in Endangered Species Act

Washington, D.C., – The Arkansas Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation called for clear, cost-benefit analyses from regulatory agencies that enforce the Endangered Species Act.

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9/08/14 (Mon)

Italy and Prague in 2015

In this week's NDFB Newsline, organization Executive Vice President Jeffrey Missling talks about trips to Italy and Prague scheduled for 2015.

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9/04/14 (Thu)

What's on my mind: EPA

Real farmers share real concerns in our weekly segment, What's on a Farmer's Mind? heard during the Tuesday What's On Your Mind call-in radio show.

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9/03/14 (Wed)

EPA overreach maps

Nationwide water and wetland maps assembled by the Environmental Protection Agency paint an astonishing picture of EPA’s plan to “control a huge amount of private property across the country...

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9/02/14 (Tue)

Comment on groundwater plan

The deadline for comments on the Forest Service's Proposed Directive on Groundwater Resource Management has been extended for another month.

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9/02/14 (Tue)

Blogger shares amendment concerns

Farm blogger Val Wagner shares her thoughts on the proposed amendment to North Dakota's Constitution that would take North Dakota tax payer money and give it to "environmental" groups.

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8/28/14 (Thu)

Meet FB members Darryl and Sheryl Smith

"There’s nothing prettier. The cattle are all grazing and the sun is coming up and you have those beautiful colors. And everything is so peaceful." Barnes County Farm Bureau members Darryl and Sheryl Smith share their passion for farming in our latest video.

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