5/20/14 (Tue)

Choice Hotels summer savings

NDFB member benefit provider Choice Hotels has announced a summer savings special.

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5/19/14 (Mon)

Ag careers workshop coming soon

Exploring Ag Careers is a new, free workshop that will help educators, career advisors and administrators learn more about all the agriculture-related career opportunities available.

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5/16/14 (Fri)

EPA Waters analysis all wet

The Environmental Protection Agency claims it is not broadening jurisdiction of the Clean Water Act in its proposed “Waters of the U.S.” rule.

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5/14/14 (Wed)

Ask a farmer: Big equipment

Why do farmers use such big equipment? It's a question that you may have asked yourself at one time or another, as you are following that piece of machinery down the road!

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5/12/14 (Mon)

An Appropriations Top 10

It’s time once again for Congress to decide how the government is going to spend its — meaning your — money. Wondering what that really means for farming and agriculture? Click through for the top 10 things you should know.

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5/08/14 (Thu)

We've got a benefit for that

Need a new stove? We've got a benefit for that! (Our Sears special offer for members will save you money!

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5/07/14 (Wed)

Ask a farmer: Estate Taxes

In this week's installment of Ask a Farmer, Nathan, a farmer from Pembina County explains why farmers are concerned about estate taxes.

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5/05/14 (Mon)

NDFB Scholarship winners announced

Fourteen individuals from around the state have been awarded scholarships through the North Dakota Farm Bureau Foundation.

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5/01/14 (Thu)

Dickey County Farm Bureau receives grant

Dickey County Farm Bureau was one of four county Farm Bureaus nationwide to receive a grant for American Farm Bureau's Our Food Link activities.

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4/30/14 (Wed)

Farm safety videos

With more than a few weather setbacks, farmers will be in a little more of a hurry to get their spring planting done. But safety should never be sacrificed for speed.

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4/29/14 (Tue)

Ditch the Rule website launched

Farm Bureau has launched the Ditch the Rule website to inform people about the recent "waters of the U.S." proposed rule.

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4/29/14 (Tue)

Ask a farmer: Why do farmers use fertilizer?

In today's installment of Ask a farmer, Carson, a farmer from Regent, talks about why farmers use fertilizer on their fields.

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4/28/14 (Mon)

Farm Bureau member testifies on water rule in Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 28, 2014 – Pennsylvania Farm Bureau voiced its opposition to a recently proposed rule jointly issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers that attempts to expand federal regulation of land areas as “waters of the U.S.,” during a field hearing today before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

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4/23/14 (Wed)

Ask a farmer: Why do farmers use high-tech equipment

In our continuing Ask a farmer audio series, Chris, a farmer from Wolford, answers the question, "Why do farmers use so much high-tech equipment?"

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4/22/14 (Tue)

Nothing greener than ag

On this 44th anniversary of Earth Day, we can truly say that U.S. farmers and ranchers are doing it right! They continue do more with less. What does that mean?

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