10/08/12 (Mon)

NDFB Newsline and a taxing situation

A new NDFB Newsline has been posted. In this week's spot, NDFB President Doyle Johannes talks about the impending tax increases for taxpayers if Congress doesn't get down to business during the lame duck session.

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10/04/12 (Thu)

Feeding Families posts video

The North Dakota Feeding Families website has three testimonial videos from individuals explaining why they are voting yes on Measure 3 in November.

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10/03/12 (Wed)

Promotion and education on Facebook

The North Dakota Farm Bureau Promotion and Education Committee has just started a page on Facebook.

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10/02/12 (Tue)

Livestock producers warned of anthrax danger

BISMARCK – North Dakota’s top animal health official is warning livestock producers in areas with a history of anthrax to protect their animals from the disease.

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9/28/12 (Fri)

Focus online now available

The October-November online edition of Focus is now available.

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9/26/12 (Wed)

Antibiotics in meat animals?

Antibiotics in meat animals? Learn the truth from Val in the newest Val and Pal radio spot, airing on eight radio stations across the state.

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9/24/12 (Mon)

CFB President talks about anti-meat fliers on NDSU campus

In this week's NDFB Newsline, Collegiate Farm Bureau President Leah Johnson talks about anti-meat fliers on the North Dakota State University campus.

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9/21/12 (Fri)

Where do the presidential candidates stand on ag?

Every four years, FBNews asks the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees to address the issues that concern farmers and ranchers most.

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9/20/12 (Thu)

Cap gains tax precludes farmers from passing torch

WASHINGTON, D.C., —The American Farm Bureau Federation today urged Congress to reform the capital gains tax because of its detriment to young and beginning farmers.

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9/18/12 (Tue)

State ag leaders want school lunch guidlines

DES MOINES, IA – The nation’s leading state agriculture officials are calling on the federal government to revise new school lunch and breakfast guidelines to better meet the individual and changing nutritional needs of children.

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9/17/12 (Mon)

NDFB Newsline on Measure 3

This week's NDFB Newsline features North Dakota Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Jeffrey Missling talking about the successful initiative to get a measure on the ballot safeguarding modern farming and ranching practices...

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9/12/12 (Wed)

Agritourism website focuses on safety

With the growing popularity of taking the family to visit corn mazes, pumpkin patches and other agricultural attractions, it’s increasingly important for agritourism farmers to keep visitors safe. A new, interactive Web guide to help farmers improve safety is available...

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9/11/12 (Tue)

Dust rules sufficient

While the Environmental Protection Agency is issuing tougher standards for soot pollution – known as “fine particulate matter,” it has decided the rules for dust – or “course particulate matter” - are fine as they are.

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9/10/12 (Mon)

Patriot Day

In accordance with a presidential proclamation, Gov. Jack Dalrymple has declared September 11 Patriot Day and a Day of Service and Remembrance in the state to mark the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks carried out against this nation on September 11, 2001.

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9/07/12 (Fri)

Senate: Refrain from disaster bill

The American Farm Bureau Federation today urged Senate leaders to “refrain from supporting” any legislation resembling the House-passed disaster bill if such a measure is presented in the Senate. Supporting such a measure would detract from the larger mission of passing a long-term farm bill.

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