11/07/11 (Mon)

NDFB President interviewed by Fox Business

North Dakota Farm Bureau President Eric Aasmundstad talked to Charles Payne of Fox Business this afternoon about the petition drive to safeguard farming and ranching in North Dakota.

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11/04/11 (Fri)

Made in the USA

We may not question buying a pair of pants made in Lesotho, but are we as equally accepting of food imported from other countries? Former AFBF staff member Stewart Truelsen makes a point about food "Made in the USA" in this editorial...

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11/02/11 (Wed)

Petition drive gets noticed

The petition drive to safeguard farming and ranching in North Dakota's Constitution has become big news since the Associated Press story by Blake Nicholson hit the papers and online world.

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11/01/11 (Tue)

Educators sign up for online FLP

"It’s easy to do the lessons because there is so much to pick from. The hard part is deciding what not to do,” says an educator from Bismarck. If you are an educator, looking for a course you can use with your students during the school year, look no further...

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10/31/11 (Mon)

Different countries, similar challenges

Believe it or not, farmers in the United States and Germany are facing similar difficulties. What are they? Read more in an editorial by Tracy Grondine of the American Farm Bureau Federation...

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10/28/11 (Fri)

Participate in the Thanksgiving survey

American Farm Bureau Federation needs a few shopping volunteers!

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10/27/11 (Thu)

Have you purchased YOUR raffle tickets yet?

We don't want to send you into panic mode or anything, but you have less than a month to purchase your YF&R raffle tickets!

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10/26/11 (Wed)

Miss America supports farmers and ranchers

Every day is Food Day to America's farmers and ranchers, says Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan.

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10/25/11 (Tue)

House bill prevents EPA dust regulation

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 25, 2011—The American Farm Bureau Federation is urging members of the House to support a bill that would exclude from federal regulation dust that occurs naturally in the course of normal farming activities.

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10/24/11 (Mon)

AFBF announces summer internships

American Farm Bureau Federation has announced it has several summer internships available.

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10/21/11 (Fri)

Anti-Modern Ag Day?

A self-styled food "watchdog" group is sponsoring Food Day on Monday, October 24. The group's attack on modern agriculture practices could just as easily prompt us to call it Anti-Modern Ag Day...

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10/20/11 (Thu)

New western N.D. Route 1000 classes posted

We've posted a couple of additional Route 1000 classes to the website. If you have a teen driver, it could pay to check out the class near you and sign you and your teen up!

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10/19/11 (Wed)

Fun way to clear up misconceptions early

There is an animated cartoon on a kids' network in which a bull has an udder. While this may seem like an "udderly" ridiculous notion to a rancher...

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10/18/11 (Tue)

N.D. Feeding Families

The effort to get a North Dakota constitutional amendment on the ballot has a website.

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10/18/11 (Tue)

Ag Commissioner says EPA dust decision welcome

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said a declaration by federal officials that no plans are underway to regulate dust from agricultural operations is welcome news for North Dakota farmers and ranchers. But he doesn't think the issue is dead, either.

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