12/02/22 (Fri)

Thank you for showing up

In a new post for My NDFB Life, Northwest Field Representative Becca Hennessy shares why she is thankful members took time from their busy lives to show up for the NDFB 80th Annual Meeting.

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11/19/22 (Sat)

DSU student wins Collegiate Discussion Meet 

Kyle Anderson, a student at Dickinson State University won the NDFB Collegiate Farm Bureau Discussion Meet.

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11/18/22 (Fri)

Strengthening our voice for agriculture

President Daryl Lies gave his annual address at the 80th NDFB Annual Meeting in Bismarck, Nov. 18.

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11/18/22 (Fri)

Making memories at the NDFB Annual Meeting

Haley Robison comes from a Farm Bureau family and one of the highlights growing up was going to the NDFB Annual Meeting.

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11/15/22 (Tue)

It's Annual Meeting week!

The 80th NDFB Annual Meeting will be held this Friday and Saturday in Bismarck.

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11/11/22 (Fri)

We owe them a debt we cannot repay

NDFB Public Policy Director shares his thoughts on this very important day to commemorate all those who served our country.

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11/07/22 (Mon)

Inflation, recession and the farmer

The Fed has once again raised the interest rate. What does that mean for farmers?

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11/02/22 (Wed)

Final episode of special season Straight Talk

The fifth and final episode of Straight Talk's special season on term limits dropped today.

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11/01/22 (Tue)

Beating harvest stress

Farming and ranching are stressful. No question about that. But how you deal with the stress is what matters. New post on My NDFB Life.

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10/27/22 (Thu)

New Straight Talk podcast

NDFB's Straight Talk podcast host Emmery Mehlhoff visits with Representative Jeff Delzer on term limits.

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10/21/22 (Fri)

It takes a team

Teamwork is needed in every facet of our lives. Including farming and ranching. New post on My NDFB Life by Megan Overby.

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10/20/22 (Thu)

NDFB urges no vote on Measure 2

NDFB has long-standing policy against the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.

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10/18/22 (Tue)

NDFB Annual Meeting coming in November

It's almost time for the NDFB 80th Annual Meeting.

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