9/15/17 (Fri)

Ford benefit for NDFB members now live!

It took a few extra days to make sure the process would work smoothly, but the Ford benefit for NDFB members is now available!

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9/11/17 (Mon)

John Deere newest NDFB benefit

Good news, weekend warriors! Now you can receive valuable John Deere discounts just for being an NDFB member.

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9/06/17 (Wed)

NDFB statement on President Trump's visit to North Dakota

NDFB is pleased to be a part of President Trump's visit to our state.

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9/05/17 (Tue)

Cheese pizza, beer and thank a farmer

In this week's Dialogue with Daryl, we have a little food fun and thank a farmer, too!

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9/01/17 (Fri)

Kitten meets young lady

And it's love at first site!

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8/30/17 (Wed)

Ask a farmer

Have you ever wondered why the prices of some groceries fluctuate more than others? One of our farmers has an answer for you.

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8/22/17 (Tue)

Animal rights extremism

They don't care if your farm is grass-fed or holistic. The animal rights agenda wants to wipe out all animal agriculture.

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8/19/17 (Sat)

Baffled about beef?

NDFB staffer Alisha Nord gives folks tips about beef in this week's My NDFB Life blog post.

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8/18/17 (Fri)

It's farm fact Friday

Did you know that each farmer produces food and fiber for 165 people each year?

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8/15/17 (Tue)

Distracted driving kills

McLean County Farm Bureau is helping young drivers understand the impacts of distracted and impaired driving, through the SIDNE experience. Others can also take advantage of this great program. Watch the video to learn more.

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8/11/17 (Fri)

Trailer trip to Havana

Join NDFB staffer Joey Myers as she shares her trailer trip to Havana on My NDFB Life.

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8/10/17 (Thu)

Agriculture needs a front seat at trade table

Any decision by the Administration regarding trade has to take into account U.S. agriculture.

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8/04/17 (Fri)

NDFB promotes Hauf as Director of Public Relations

NDFB has promoted Lisa Hauf as Director of Public Relations. Hauf has worked for NDFB over 11 years and has assisted the communication and public policy divisions.

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8/03/17 (Thu)

Vacation with TripBeat

NDFB members can now take advantage of a convenient and affordable way to search and book resort vacations.

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7/28/17 (Fri)

New on the My NDFB Life blog

Getting to know Amy Madsen!

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