5/03/16 (Tue)

The myth of corporate farming

NDFB President Daryl Lies breaks down the corporate farming issue and share some insights into what it is, and what it isn't.

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4/27/16 (Wed)

Going green isn't just talk for U.S. agriculture

"Greenwashing" is a marketing tactic designed to make products appear more environmentally responsible. But farmers and ranchers are green. For real.

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4/26/16 (Tue)

Tackling property taxes

This week's Dialogue with Daryl shares a few things to think about regarding property taxes...

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4/25/16 (Mon)

Farm safety reminders

It's a little soggy out there right now, but as soon as the rain stops, farmers will be itching to get in the field. But we're encouraging everyone to NOT take shortcuts.

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4/22/16 (Fri)

Heger is named regional Farm Mom

Katie Heger of Underwood has been named the Northwest Region Farm Mom of the Year.

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4/21/16 (Thu)

Save on paper

Office Depot/Office Max is running a special on paper, and if you are an NDFB member, you can save...

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4/19/16 (Tue)

Daryl weighs in on Earth Day

Earth Day is this Friday, April 22, but NDFB President Daryl Lies shares why every day is Earth Day for farmers and ranchers.

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4/15/16 (Fri)

Verona photographer places in national contest

Verona photographer Katherine Plessner placed second in the American Farm Bureau Federation's photo contest in the technology division.

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4/14/16 (Thu)

Tomorrow is the deadline

Attention high school seniors, college students and graduate students! Tomorrow is the scholarship deadline!

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4/13/16 (Wed)

More than "feeding the world"

McLean County Farm Bureau President and agriculture advocate Katie Heger wrote "Farmers do more than feed the world" for American Farm Bureau Federation's Focus on Agriculture series.

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4/12/16 (Tue)

Rein in EPA

American Farm Bureau says the Environmental Protection Agency should be held accountable for its repeated violations of open government laws.

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4/11/16 (Mon)

Is your farm spring ready? Check out this Case IH checklist

Is your farm spring-ready? Case IH can help you determine if you are...

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4/08/16 (Fri)

Benefits of on-farm use of utility vehicles

Wondering how a utility vehicle could benefit your farm or ranch? (While saving you some cash at the same time?)

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4/06/16 (Wed)

FLP Institutes to feature bonus event

There's something new coming to Food, Land and People Institutes, scheduled for this summer in Bismarck, Langdon and Fargo.

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4/05/16 (Tue)

New Dialogue with Daryl posted

In this week's Dialogue with Daryl...

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