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Correction to Dakota Grassland proposal meeting

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Serivce is proposing a Dakota Grassland Area in North Dakota. This is a conservation easement program that would pay willing landowners to enroll their land in a conservation easement to protect waterfowl and other wildlife species in the Great Plains.

12/13/10 (Mon)

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Hazy science

Save the Chesapeake from hazy science, says American Farm Bureau Federation Director of Media Relations Tracy Grondine. For people who live on the East Coast, the Chesapeake Bay has come to mean something more than beauty, great fishing and a diversity of other various forms of agriculture, like wild rice. It has come to signify politics-as-usual and hazy science.

12/10/10 (Fri)

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Aasmundstad address in YouTube highlights

We have posted three YouTube videos on the 68th annual meeting page of highlights from NDFB President Eric Aasmundstad's annual address.

12/09/10 (Thu)

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Farm and Ranch Families Work

There is no doubt about it. Farm and ranch families perform a lot of dirty, tough jobs in the process of providing food and fiber for their fellow Americans. But, the big question is—Can they compete with show host and narrator Mike Rowe, who will be the keynote speaker at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 2011 Annual Meeting, Jan. 10, in Atlanta? We will soon find out.

12/08/10 (Wed)

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AFBF, NDFB chart growth

Farm Bureau’s national membership rose to 6,279,813 member families in 2010, marking 50 consecutive years of membership growth. State Farm Bureaus overall reported a total 2,149 more member families this year than in 2009.

12/07/10 (Tue)

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Scholarships posted

North Dakota Farm Bureau's four scholarship applications have been posted to this website.

12/06/10 (Mon)

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December-January Online Focus posted

The December 2010-January 2011 issue of Focus has been posted. This issue features highlights from the NDFB Annual Meeting, held in November, and a preview of the Young Farmer and Rancher Leadership Conference, being held in January.

12/03/10 (Fri)

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Scott Bennett is not laughing

Scott Bennett says the death tax is no laughing matter. "Colleagues in the industry like to joke about how 2010 is the year to die, but to me it’s not really that funny.

12/02/10 (Thu)

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Do you belong?

Do you like us on Facebook? Do you follow us on Twitter? Do you have a MyNDFB page?

12/01/10 (Wed)

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Time to put death taxes to rest

American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman said today it was time to put death taxes to rest. In a press conference with other agriculture organizations at the National Press Club, Stallman said the estate tax is especially damaging to farm families.

11/30/10 (Tue)

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Northern Plains National Heritage Area meetings begin tonight

The Northern Plains Heritage Foundation (NPHF) announces that it will conduct three public input meetings November 29-December 1, in Morton, Oliver and Mercer counties to provide information about the Northern Plains National Heritage Area and take comments on the development of goals and objectives for the investment of federal matching funds in the area.

11/29/10 (Mon)

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More beans to Cuba!

BISMARCK – North Dakota officials are working on finalizing an agreement for the sale of an additional 1,000 metric tons of dry edible beans to Cuba.

11/29/10 (Mon)

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Is our food too good?

An editorial by Lynne Finnerty - Health officials are sounding alarms about our obesity epidemic. Since 1980, obesity has doubled among adults and tripled among children, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

11/26/10 (Fri)

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NDFB 68th in pictures

We have started posting photo highlights from the NDFB 68th annual meeting, held in Fargo at the Holiday Inn, Nov. 19-21.

11/23/10 (Tue)

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McLean County farmer wins YF&R Challenge

Steven Heger of Underwood won the Young Farmer and Rancher Challenge, held at the North Dakota Farm Bureau Annual Meeting, Nov. 19-21 at the Holiday Inn in Fargo.

11/22/10 (Mon)

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