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Another satisfied member

"I just ordered a fridge through Sears Commercial. We bought a $1000 fridge for $738 delivered. The savings are enough to pay my Farm Bureau dues for the next 5+ years. The guy from Sears I worked with was great to work with and waited until this morning to process the sale to get me an additional $60 savings! Worthwhile in my mind!"

8/20/10 (Fri)

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Moos, ewes and more

Do you wonder how milk gets to your table, how many sweaters can be made from the wool of one sheep or how a horse can sleep standing up?

8/18/10 (Wed)

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AFBF economist doesn't foresee retroactive estate tax for 2010

At a forum with the news media Monday sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute in Washington, D.C., Bob Young, American Farm Bureau Federation chief economist, said the longer Congress drags out settling an estate tax rate and exemption level, the less likely it is to impose a retroactive tax for 2010.

8/17/10 (Tue)

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Agriculture a 'choice' career choice

An editorial by Dal Grooms - If you’re a movie buff, you’ll recall the career advice shared with young Benjamin Braddock in the late 1960s movie The Graduate. "Plastics," young Benjamin was told. Today, there is a good chance the giver of that advice, Mr. McGuire, would be proposing another up-and-coming career field -- "Agriculture."

8/16/10 (Mon)

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Stop by the Farm Bureau Store

When was the last time you stopped by the NDFB Store? If it has been awhile, you might want to check it out. We have all kinds of great merchandise for purchase.

8/12/10 (Thu)

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New teacher resources added

North Dakota Farm Bureau's resource page for teachers has a fun new item: The Very Hungry N.D. Caterpillar.

8/11/10 (Wed)

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Harvest hotline now available

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture has announced the Harvest Hotline is once again operational.

8/10/10 (Tue)

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AFBF backs bill to clarify FIFRA permitting requirements

The American Farm Bureau Federation strongly supports a bill introduced Friday by Sens. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) and Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) that aims to clarify that additional permits are not required for pesticide application in accordance with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.

8/09/10 (Mon)

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Tell Congress your estate tax stories

“I don’t know who gets the first bite of the excess over $1 million, but there will not be enough money left to keep the farm intact. Even if the next generation could hold onto a small piece of the farm after estate taxes, the reduction in economy of scale would make the farm unprofitable.”– Clark Granger, who grows Christmas trees on 50 acres in Maine.

8/06/10 (Fri)

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Members can save at a variety of hotels

North Dakota Farm Bureau members can save on hotels all over the nation through Choice Hotels International and Wyndham Hotel Group.

8/05/10 (Thu)

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NDFB Scholarship winners announced

Ten individuals from around the state have been awarded scholarships through the North Dakota Farm Bureau Foundation.

8/04/10 (Wed)

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Vets in demand; help protect our food supply

An editorial by Nathan Smith - Imagine you’re a rancher. It’s 2 a.m. and a cow giving birth needs professional medical attention. The only problem is that the nearest veterinarian is 100 miles away. For a growing number of livestock producers across the country, this emergency scenario is a harsh reality. America faces a farm animal vet shortage like never before, leaving many farmers and ranchers wondering who they will call the next time their livestock needs emergency care.

8/02/10 (Mon)

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New issue of Focus now online

Chris Chinn isn't from North Dakota, but she is a farmer and she has made it a priority to tell people about how she takes care of the animals on her farm through social media. But, she was flagged and gagged on YouTube recently.

7/30/10 (Fri)

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Record amounts of waste pesticide collected

A record amount of unusable pesticides – 215,594 pounds – were collected and shipped out of North Dakota through Project Safe Send in 2010.

7/29/10 (Thu)

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Bill would help farmers and communities in Bay watershed

The Chesapeake Bay Program Reauthorization and Improvement Act (H.R. 5509) will help farmers while also benefitting communities in the bay’s watershed. The American Farm Bureau Federation is urging the House Agriculture Committee to approve the bill when it comes up for consideration today.

7/28/10 (Wed)

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