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Created: 9/06/13 (Fri) | Topic: Benefits

Effective immediately and continuing through April 1, 2014, Chevrolet and GMC are offering exclusively to Farm Bureau members an additional $1,000 incentive on the purchase of any new 2013 & 2014 REGULAR CAB, heavy duty (2500/3500 series) truck.

This is in addition to the standard $500 Farm Bureau incentive, so the total Farm Bureau incentive on these models is $1,500.

Farm Bureau’s Private Offer is stackable with all retail promotions, such as Consumer Cash. Farm Bureau’s Private Offer does not stack with other Private Offers, such as Owner Loyalty. But on these models, this new additional incentive makes the total Farm Bureau benefit competitive with Owner Loyalty.

There is no additional procedure required to obtain this additional incentive. Eligible Farm Bureau members follow the same verification procedure as they would for the regular $500 incentive. But don't be afraid, when you go into the dealer showroom, to remind dealer sales personnel of your Farm Bureau membership so you are assured of receiving the Farm Bureau incentives for which you are eligible.

More information on the GM benefit can be found here:

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