AFBF issues election results statement

Created: 11/05/14 (Wed) | Topic: Leadership

November 5, 2014

Statement by Bob Stallman, President, American Farm Bureau Federation,

Regarding Results of 2014 Mid-Term Election

WASHINGTON, D.C., – “The voters have spoken. Some will debate the meaning of the vote, but this much is clear to us at the American Farm Bureau Federation: Americans want – our farmers and ranchers need – common-sense governance and a halt to the punishing regulatory overreach that ignores the law and the courts. The nation, too, has grown weary of extremists who offer little more than disinformation and misguided ballot initiatives at the state level. Americans want elected leaders who work together to find solutions to move our country forward.                        

“AFBF looks forward to working with all our elected officials on issues that matter most to America’s farm and ranch families and all Americans who rely on them for their food. We will continue to amplify their voices and those of our neighbors across rural America.  We will seek public policies that support the vital work of the men and women who produce food, fiber and renewable fuel for our nation while caring for the environment, their animals and the rural communities in which they live.”


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