AFBF issues Preserve the Waters Act statement

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WASHINGTON, D.C., March 29, 2012— “The Preserve the Waters of the U.S. Act (S. 2245) addresses a critical issue. The legislation will stop the Environmental Protection Agency and Corp of Engineers from issuing final guidance that would significantly expand the regulatory reach of the two agencies. 

Statement by Bob Stallman, President,
American Farm Bureau Federation,
Regarding the Introduction of S. 2245, the Preserve the Waters of the U.S. Act

“The final guidance proposed by EPA and the Corps would, in effect, eliminate the term ‘navigable’ from the Clean Water Act. This would dramatically expand the scope of federal jurisdiction by eliminating a provision of the law that reserves jurisdiction over certain waters to the states. 
“By issuing a guidance document as opposed to going through the rulemaking process, EPA and the Corps are bypassing the necessary public outreach required under the Administrative Procedures Act.
“Expanding federal jurisdiction in this manner well beyond the words and intent of Congress and the limits affirmed by the Supreme Courtwill harm farmers, ranchers and private landowners nationwide. We urge swift approval of the Preserve the Waters of the U.S. Act.”
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