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Advocating for agriculture is one way NDFB helps secure food choices for all families. From the slice of pizza you have after celebrating a big win at the high school basketball game or the glass of milk to start your day, agriculture plays a role. To celebrate NDFB Week, March 10-16, 2019, NDFB asked fourth and fifth graders what their table looks like at meal time and where that food comes from. Like always, the kids didn’t disappoint.

The fourth-grade winner is Braelyn Connot of Rugby, N.D. Connot gave a great example of a breakfast meal, including bacon from a pig, toast from wheat, eggs from chickens and topped it off with some lemonade.

Fourth grade winning drawing features breakfast food

The fifth-grade winner is Jada Ottmar from Mott, N.D. Ottmar drew a delicious looking piece of pizza, including pepperoni made of a mixture of beef and pork and cheese from a dairy cow. The crust is made from wheat and the olives come from olive trees. Apple juice was Ottmar’s choice of drink, made from apples.

Fifth grade winner features pizza and oranges

“Children are so creative, and it’s always exciting to see what they come up with when you let their imaginations run,” said Lisa Hauf, NDFB Director of Public Relations.

One of the entries was of a steak, and the child said the steak was from a cow that ate creep feed, hay, oats and silage. He said he would have put corn and potatoes on his plate but there wasn’t enough room. He sounds like a true rancher.

Each winner will receive $50.

NDFB Week was celebrated throughout the state by county Farm Bureaus. Barnes County Farm Bureau hosted a Free Meat Monday and served more than 70 people roast beef and mashed potatoes. Several county Farm Bureaus hosted legislative forums or sponsored a Special Assignment Pizza in their area. For highlights of some of the county events, visit

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