September 5, 2017

Cheese pizza, beer and thank a farmer

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September 5, 2017: Who doesn't love pizza? The first week of September features celebrations that highlight some of the commodities on that pizza. And beer too!

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As we are now into the month of September, it marks kind of a transition for farmers in the crops that they’re harvesting.

We are now gradually moving into the season where we harvest the row crops; the corn, the soybeans, the sunflowers and we’re completing the harvest season of the smaller grains and some of the other oil crops: canola, flax, wheat – pay attention to that one – and barley, even. Pay attention to that one. And I think we’re getting into that season where guys will be selling their calves at market and they’ll be going to the feedlot to fatten up and become a meal on your dinner plate. Well, the first week of September, whoa, there’s some celebrations gonna happen. And they’re related to those last few commodities I talked about.

September 5th – today – is National Cheese Pizza Day. Well you need some wheat to make that crust, and thank God for the dairy farmers for the cheese on that pizza.

But hey, you might want to carry over some of that pizza for a couple of days in the ‘fridge as leftovers, because on September 7th, it’s National Beer Lovers Day. Thank God for barley growers. In fact, the barley growers’ slogan is “No barley. No beer.”

So, if you like to have the occasional adult beverage, thank a farmer.

Oh. And you know what? Also, on September 7th, you know I told you to keep that pizza in the ‘fridge? Well, that’s going to be for the evening nightcap, because at lunch, it’s National Salami Day.

A lot of times people forget that all those things that you love, be it pizza, be it salami, maybe a beer, are all agricultural products. A farmer and a rancher worked hard to provide the ingredients that make those products possible.

And the list is huge. Those are just some that we start September off with, and being Labor Day week, we thought, you know, let’s talk about some of the things we enjoy that come out of the labor of the farmer and rancher.

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