July 5, 2022

Classroom cream of the crop

Topic: Education

by Jill Vigesaa, NDFB Food, Land and People Coordinator

I wonder if you have a love for fresh, REAL whipped cream like I do? When I was young, my father would sometimes bring in a bucket of fresh milk from our Brown Swiss cow (that I had affectionally, but not so creatively, named “Brown Pet!”). I loved to watch my mother pour it into a large glass jar to be chilled. Then, after the milk was left to sit for a while, we would anticipate the jar reappearing icy cold, and watch her skim that thick, rich cream off the top. Yum!

This week I have found the phrase “cream of the crop” coming to mind often. Perhaps the origin of the phrase as I picture it would be hard for people to identify with these days, but we understand it means the best or the top of a group of similar things or people.  

It has been my privilege to have six, cream of the crop North Dakota educators attend the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference with me this past week in Saratoga Springs, New York.

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