December 27, 2017

Cold enough for ya?

Topic: Education

Well, winter has finally arrived in the North country. Bone-chilling, fuel-gelling cold. Good thing the pigs were warm in the barn!

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Well I think winter has finally settled in. And when you live in the north as we do in North Dakota, you’re never ready for it, but you know it’s coming. But farmers and ranchers have extra thing they have to do to deal with those 20 below zero temperatures.

And then, whoever invented the wind chill factor. Did we really need to know that it feels colder than what the temperature says? That’s just my bias on that deal. Cold is cold. I don’t care if it’s 20 below or 40 below with the wind chill figured in. It’s cold.

But it creates new challenges; getting equipment started, making sure that your fuel doesn’t gel up whether it’s in your tractor or your truck delivering grain to the elevator. There are a lot of extra precautions and a lot of extra needs and costs that come with the fact that winter is here.

And let’s talk about those folks that have the extra responsibility of those living animals that they’re caring for; the very people that care for those lives that provide that nutritious meal of eggs and bacon in the morning as an example, or that nice steak on the grill, or whatever your fancy may be when it comes to enjoying good wholesome, nutritious food, that our farmers and ranchers produce, by the way. There are those that want to tell us that the way we are doing it is cruel.

Well folks, it was 22 below this morning when I went to the pig barn. And guess what? Inside that barn were the happiest, warmest pigs that you’d ever find. And, had those pigs been out on the free range running free like some think we should do it, I’m pretty sure I would have found a pigsicle if they had been out of the barn.

We do the best we can, through proven scientific ways of providing the comfort while those animals are alive before we utilize them in the food chain. So, if you don’t want to find a chicksicle or a pigsicle, then we need the ability to do responsibly the things that we have scientifically proven work to keep those animals safe, healthy and happy. Please, come and ask us and we’ll share with you how we care for these animals on a very cold, 22 below December day.