July 24, 2018

Coming to you from the fair!

Topic: Events

NDFB President Daryl Lies voices a podcast every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. If you missed the last few, they are on the Dialogue with Daryl page.

July 24, 2018: It's State Fair time! Even though most people go for the rides and the shows, NDFB is a proud supporter of the youth livestock events and more.

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Well it’s that time of the year, the North Dakota State Fair. And I’m recording this Dialogue with Daryl with the sounds of the fair in the background so you may hear some sheep, you may hear some cattle, some pigs, some goats, or you never know what might come by and make some noise. It’s a great place to be this time of year. And it’s beautiful weather this year. And at NDFB we’re proud to sponsor the livestock area this year. We’re are sponsoring some of the ag facts that are posted up around the barn areas and sponsoring the youth activities and awards here in the livestock division.

Many of our county board members and leaders and others that are not our county board members are very active in fairs throughout the state at their county level, and many of them bring their kids here to enjoy the State Fair for nine days in Minot North Dakota.

So, to everyone that puts in that extra time, that extra work to polish the final touches on their livestock projects congratulations. And to those that support the 4-H and FFA, of which many of our members do, we congratulate you on taking the initiative to support youth in agricultural activities, whether it’s projects that they feed on the farm, or the ones they bring to town to show off to the public, and hopefully win a prize, we salute you and congratulate all the youth on their participation in the agricultural industry, and being good showmen and showladies, showcasing agriculture right here in North Dakota.

So, from NDFB, congratulations!