August 28, 2023

Connecting across state lines

Topic: Benefits

By Megan Hanson, NDFB Director of Member Relations

I had the pleasure of traveling to Savannah, Georgia, for an event that fostered connections that will be cherished for years to come. Farm Bureau member benefits staff from across the country came together, and it became more than a professional gathering – it was an enriching experience of learning, laughing, and discovery. From learning about the deep history of Savannah, or the haunted stories the town holds, to learning more about other state Member Benefit Coordinators, it was a great event. 

I excitedly attend meetings like these because I come home with ideas from other states, but also gain new friendships. Having colleagues from different states get together for a common purpose – to learn, collaborate, and share ideas that will benefit Farm Bureau members – is invigorating. The diversity of perspectives promised to be the catalyst for meaningful discussions.

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