March 6, 2018

Counties make NDFB Week a success

Topic: Events

March 6, 2018: Next week, we celebrate NDFB Week and we couldn't be more proud of our county Farm Bureaus for stepping up and making it a success!

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NDFB Week. March 11-17. It’s the week where we, along with our county Farm Bureaus, celebrate agriculture and NDFB’s presence and our advocacy for agriculture.

There are many events planned by our counties throughout the state. There are opportunities for you to win some groceries or some bundles of meat. There’s opportunities for a Free Meat Monday, versus a Meat Free Monday, which is pushed by the animal rights activists.

Free Meat Monday is where some of our counties go into local schools and serve meat to the students as they go through the lunch line to show them that, that is part of agriculture, and an important part of agriculture in North Dakota.

We have counties that do a little bit bigger productions. They put on events that are day-long events, where they teach agriculture to kids that come in, such as Morton County is doing with their Ag Day over in Mandan on the 15th. The kids will be able to see different animals, sheep shearing demonstrations, different booths by different agricultural interests, and teach these kids where their food comes from. Get that first point of contact so kids have a little better understanding that the milk on the shelf in the store doesn’t come from the store, but rather, from a cow.

All of these things are important. And to top it off, American Farm Bureau is celebrating county leaders that week. And it’s our county leaders, right here in North Dakota, that make all these promotions through NDFB Week possible.

So, if you’re interested in what’s available in your county, what your county Farm Bureau is doing, contact them. And, you can check out NDFB on Facebook as we’ll be sharing highlights from some of these events, and maybe even sharing some of the events as they’re approaching of what our counties are doing.

We thank all farmers and ranchers for their dedication and their service, not only this week of the year, but this is the week where we go a little bit above and beyond to show our appreciation and to educate everyone on the importance of North Dakota agriculture.