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April 28, 2020: COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and our supply chains. But farmers and ranchers are still out there working to keep food on your table.

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We’re living in interesting times right now with COVID-19 at the helm of, well, shall we just say it, chaos.

And in agriculture, we see the chaos from the supply side, from the production side and the lack of available markets from time to time, now, as processors in virtually every segment of food production are having slow-downs or shut-downs because of outbreaks of COVID.

And at NDFB, we want the people of North Dakota to understand that the farmers and ranchers will still produce that high quality, highly available and affordable food source.

Yes, we’re seeing possibly some interruptions in the supply chain and the delivery. We will work through those. It’s causing issues with pricing and availability of markets for farmers and ranchers. It may cause, once in a while for you to see some empty spaces on the shelf. But do not panic.

There’s no need to panic buy or hoard. We do not need to do with food as happened with toilet paper at the beginning of this pandemic. Yes, it’s always smart to have a week or two of food on hand, either between your pantry and your freezer or your fridge. But we don’t need to hoard months upon months of supply of food items. You might have to wait a day or two for certain items. You might have to wait a week for certain items. Rest assured, there will be food in the system because the farmers and ranchers continue to produce it every day.

We’re working, from NDFB, along with American Farm Bureau, our affiliate, and every ag producer out there to make sure our markets get up and running, our processors get up and running, to have a place for us to go and deliver the food we grow. So that it can be processed and delivered to you, the consumers.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out. NDFB-dot-org is our website. Follow us on Facebook and ask the questions and we’ll get the answers right from farmers and ranchers, about your food that you buy to feed your family.

So, from NDFB, stay safe and stay healthy in these uncertain times, as we go forward. And we, as farmers and ranchers will continue to produce the food you need.  

For more coronavirus news, visit our COVID-19 page.

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