Cowboy hats and belt buckles

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“I was a bit shocked when I walked into Fargo Brewing and there wasn’t a hipster in sight. Nothing but belt buckles and cowboy hats. Apparently there’s a NDFB fundraiser going on,” tweeted a customer at Fargo Brewing Company on Friday night, November 22.

The people wearing those cowboy hats and belt buckles opened their pocketbooks and raised over $10,000 for scholarships during a live auction sponsored by the NDFB Promotion and Education Committee. It was all part of the first-ever NDFB night out with the foundation at Fargo Brewing Company, in Fargo on November 22.

“We could not be more thankful for all those who donated items, bought items and helped make the auction a success,” said NDFB Director of Organizational Development Joey Bailey. “It feels good to be able to reward hard working students who are trying to better their education.”

The event was held in conjunction with the NDFB Annual Meeting, at the Fargo Holiday Inn, November 22-23.

“This year, we wanted to do something special for NDFB members,” said NDFB Executive Vice President and CEO Jeffrey Missling. “Farmers and ranchers had a stressful year, yet NDFB members stepped up and showed their support for the future of agriculture. It truly shows how strong and amazing these people really are.”

NDFB scholarships will be available online December 15, 2019 and need to be turned into the Fargo office by March 15, 2020. For more information on the NDFB Foundation and scholarships, click here.

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