Despite struggles, it’s a wonderful life

Created: 6/04/21 (Fri) | Topic: Leadership

by John Jacobson, NDFB Director of Member Relations

It’s 92 degrees, still rising and not even noon yet. I dislike this much heat. My Scandinavian blood is meant for much cooler weather. I was thinking I should take a lesson from the dogs this morning and find a cool spot in the shade to just lie down in and take it easy.

I know there have been and continue to be a lot of struggles across the state with lack of moisture. There is little to no pasture grass, uneven emergence in crops and soil blowing more than anyone would like to see. Agriculture is a tough business that takes mentally and physically tough people to carry out the work necessary to provide food, feed and fiber for this country. It’s also easy to get caught up in all the bad stuff that happens.

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