February 26, 2019

Dialogue with Daryl

Topic: Events

February 26, 2019: NDFB Week is coming March 10-16.

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The second week of March marks NDFB Week. During this week we educate, communicate and involve people in understanding what agriculture is about and where their food comes from. And one of the ways we do that is engaging the youth and how we can get young, up and coming future leaders of our communities, states and nation, even though when they are three and four generations removed from the farm in most cases, to understand where their food comes from.

We have counties across the state that do events during NDFB Week to provide that opportunity. To do that outreach. To see who the faces are of our leaders throughout the counties in this great state of North Dakota that are advocating on behalf of farmers and ranchers and who are members of NDFB.

We have a coloring contest. This year’s theme is to draw where the food on their plate comes from and what their interpretation is. It creates a critical thinking opportunity for fourth and fifth graders throughout the state.

And for this information you can go to The deadline to have the coloring contest pictures in, is March 6 and the winners will be announced during NDFB Week.

Yes, we have to start with the youth to help them build the connection of where their pork chop, that steak, that hamburger or that chicken nugget starts, and how it ends up to provide them with the food they eat each and every day.

So, help us celebrate. Whether it’s farming in the east to ranching in the west, this is how NDFB helps create an atmosphere of education, communication and understanding of how food ends up on the tables of families.