November 13, 2018

Dialogue with Daryl: Annual Meeting review

Topic: Events

November 13, 2018: NDFB just finished another successful annual meeting, where delegates shared their most pressing concerns and determined organizational policy.

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Another great weekend was had this past weekend at the 76th Annual NDFB Convention. We had members from all across the state travel to Bismarck to make the decisions in that final leg of our policy development procedure, that grassroots policy development which is so important to our organization.

We celebrated some counties with growth. Nearly two dozen counties had growth in membership this year, giving our state a third year in a row of growth. This is tremendous in a time when we hear of a lot of organizations finding it harder and harder to gain members and gain volunteers. We consider this a success to be able to have three steady years of growth.

But back to the policy development. What really sets us apart from other organizations is that grassroots policy development, which starts at the county. It’s an idea of individuals bringing things to the county, which they take to the district where it gets debated again, and the final rigorous and vigorous debate on the house of delegates floor at our annual meeting.

And once again, it’s no surprise that our members – our delegates from each county from all across the state – told us that, through their policy development and through what they feel we should be focused on this coming year and that is private property rights.

Whether it’s the land, your home, your livestock your equipment, they told us loud and clear that private property should be our focus throughout this next year. And that is just an enhancement to what we already do and will always do, is protect private property and advocate for those policies which will, in turn, give us those protections.

That makes us at NDFB, the most prominent private property organization in the great state of North Dakota.