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Created: 5/31/16 (Tue) | Topic: Issues

School is out and kids are making plans for summer activities and while many rural students will be involved in 4-H or FFA activities, there are opportunities for anyone interested in learning more about agriculture to get it first-hand on a farm.

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Classes have ended in most North Dakota schools. Kids are looking at what they’re going to do for their summertime projects and their summertime activities and there are great agricultural opportunities out there, and an enhancement of education that they receive in the classroom.

A couple of youth organizations in the state that started out with a center-focus primarily of agriculture and still have it as a primary focus of their organizations today are the 4-H and FFA. June marks the month of their big activities for their youth to attend, whether it be it the 4-H Youth Conference or the North Dakota FFA state convention.

But there are other opportunities that exist out there also. There are opportunities for enhancement of education, be it the county fairs, the state fair, the regional fairs, where they get to exhibit the projects, they have worked on, or are currently working on, be it their livestock project, their gardening projects, their woodworking projects, mechanic projects in conjunction to one of the youth organizations that they are involved in.

North Dakota Farm Bureau has policy that states we support the advancement of agriculture studies in all participating institutions to protect the integrity of North Dakota’s agricultural heritage. That’s our policy statement, but we have a firm belief that we must also participate and provide that opportunity for education. So for those listeners out there who are not involved in day-to-day farming or production agriculture, you don’t have a connection to it, please reach out to us.

As we become three and four and five generations removed from the farm, making sure that we provide the opportunity to share why we do and what we do on the farm is an important component to you understand what actually is happening in farming, not just what you read on the Internet and not what just gets promoted by a special interest group out there.

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