Dialogue with Daryl: Growing better with research

Created: 5/24/16 (Tue) | Topic: Issues

Will it rain enough? Too much? And how do research and technology fit into the mix? NDFB President Daryl Lies has more in this week's podcast.

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As we near the end of planting season in North Dakota, I’ve taken the opportunity to visit with friends in all corners of the state to check up and see what their conditions are for their crops, their pasturelands, their haylands.  We’ve probably been in an adequate to a little less than adequate situation on moisture up until the last couple of days where we’ve had a few localized areas of, once again, some extreme moisture conditions being laid upon some of our producers.

For the most part, the crops seem to be in pretty good condition and health, but they [farmers] are a little concerned with some of the later planted crops here and the condition they’re getting into as we see a lot of areas in our state that are starting to hit the “below adequate moisture levels.”

This brings to mind that North Dakota Farm Bureau has a very strong stance when it comes to research. Because research is helping address a lot of these different climate factors that come year in and year out. One year you can be overly wet. The next spring, like we’re seeing this year, you have a very timely planting season, very good for getting the crop in the ground, but begs the question, “Are we going to have enough moisture?”

North Dakota Farm Bureau policy states that North Dakota should take a proactive stance in the research, development, commercialization and marketing of modern farming technologies. Our members believe that research is important, whether it is handling the previous decade of extreme wet years or having crops that are more drought-tolerant and resistant to the things that come along with adequate to below-adequate moisture conditions.

People’s ability to buy affordable, quality and abundant food depends on this research happening, to make the farmer’s ability to produce in various climate conditions, be it very wet, or be it more on the dry side.

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