June 23, 2020

Drought, prevent plant and photography

Topic: Events

June 24, 2020: From a drought in the west to prevent plant in the east, North Dakota is experiencing it all. But there is still a lot of beauty out there, and we want you to photograph it!

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The summer is upon us here in North Dakota and with summertime comes variable weather patterns. Farmers and ranchers across our state are seeing that variable weather pattern play out once again.

North Dakota is a unique state. From east to west there are differences of terrain, soil type, use of land and what the weather does. While we have certain areas of the state that just came off of having more prevent plant acres than they have for a while, other areas are needing a rain. There is a drought setting in, and it’s concerning. Droughts during these times of lower commodity prices, the uncertainty from the whole Covid-coronavirus reaction, add to the stresses that farmers – and especially ranchers – are seeing in those areas.

We’re getting reports from members that they’re hoping that their hayfields make at least one bale to the acre. They’re HOPING, it makes one bale to the acre. That’s concerning. And then we have other areas of the state, like I said, that have dealt with some prevent plant.

You know, farmers and ranchers are meant to grow things. They’re meant to produce things. That’s our lifeblood, growing and producing food for our state and our country.

And you know, it’s these times that make you sit back, look across the landscape and some positive things can be found out there. And so, when you’re out there, even if you’re in the drought area, and you run across that silver lining that you come by, you know you’re looking across that pasture and you see that nice young calf profiling with their mother, snap a picture of it. You know, if you see a meadowlark sitting on a post, snap a picture of it, a nice picture of it.

If you’re in an area where the winter wheat is headed out and the waves of grain out there – and pretty soon we’re going to be looking at the golden waves – you know, snap a picture of it.

Up until September 1, NDFB will have a photo contest. So even knowing there has been some trying times, find that silver lining. Capture it in a photo. Capture it in a nice image. Enter it in our contest. We have some nice prizes: $300, $200 and $100 for first, second and third.

But more importantly, maybe it’ll give you a chance to reflect on the blessings and the positive side of what’s going on out there, because there is nothing greater than God’s creation as we look across it. And we are honored, as farmers and ranchers, to be the caretakers, the stewards of all He has given us.

From NDFB, we wish everyone a happy summer, a safe summer, and hopefully a productive summer for all of our members. And for the folks living in town, enjoy the beauty that you see in the countryside, knowing that farmers and ranchers are doing their very best to care for those natural resources.

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