Earth Day. Every day.

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Generations far into the future depend on the decisions we make today. While most people will be celebrating Earth Day on April 22, farmers and ranchers don't celebrate it, they live it. Earth Day is every day.

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It seems that in American culture, we’ve developed a special day for all kinds of different events. On April 22nd, this Saturday, we have Earth Day. Well, to farmers and ranchers there’s not just one day that you can single out that’s Earth Day because Earth Day is every day for those that produce the food that we much need in our state and in our country.

For those farmers and ranchers out there that have a special responsibility carrying for our natural resources you can’t point out one day a year that is any more important than the next because they realize every decision that they make on a daily basis has a consequence or an enhancement to the viability of that little piece of earth that they are charged to care for.

It’s an important job. And it’s not taken lightly by farmers and ranchers, to care for those natural resources. In fact, it’s a job that is a work of passion. Because as we are now in some slightly declined prices compared to a few years ago, there doesn’t leave a lot filling in that pie, but yet, the growing of that crop, that raising of that animal still brings a satisfaction to that farmer and rancher; to know that they have cared for that little piece of earth.

Generations far into the future that depend upon our decisions today is not something that ANY farmer or rancher takes lightly. The original conservationists, the true stewards of the land are those that have to keep that land in such a condition that they can make a living for their family and produce the food that your family has at the dinner table.

Every day is Earth Day to farmers and ranchers across our great state, and we at NDFB want to salute all the farmers and ranchers as they head out to the fields and take the livestock to the pastures for the hope of a bountiful harvest this fall.

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