December 12, 2017

Engaging for agriculture

Topic: Issues

From the grassroots to Washington, D.C. the Farm Bureau policy development process is a time-tested way to engage for the good of agriculture.

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Voting doesn’t end your engagement. What I’m talking about is being engaged in the organizations you belong to, in this case, NDFB and the American Farm Bureau Federation. We must stay engaged, day in and day out, to make sure that freedom, opportunity and self-reliance, is preserved.

And this week, I have the opportunity to represent the great state of North Dakota and the most effective ag organization in the state, NDFB, at the resolutions meeting out in Washington, D.C. for the American Farm Bureau Federation.

This is the next step in the creation of policy, of which the American Farm Bureau will lobby on the behalf of farmers and ranchers. This is step two, you might say. First step was passing resolutions at our state annual meeting. Then they get moved on to where the state presidents come together and debate those policies to see which ones move on to the House of Delegates at the American Farm Bureau Federation meeting in January, down in Nashville.

This is very important. Being engaged, getting involved, voicing your opinions through the policy process – which is a grassroots process in the Farm Bureau network – is of utmost importance to shape the future for all farmers and ranchers.

And we’re out here this week advocating on the behalf of our members of the NDFB, right here, in our nation’s capital, doing the work to keep agriculture at the front of the mind of everyone that either creates legislation or rules or regulations, to make sure that we have a voice in how that happens.