Factory farms on Val and Pal

Created: 2/25/13 (Mon) | Topic: Education

North Dakota Farm Bureau's Val and Pal talk about factory farms in the newest radio spot, aired on 8 stations throughout North Dakota.

The spot can be heard each Monday on the following stations during the morning drive time between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m.

94 KIZZ-FM and 97 KYYX-FM

KQDY-FM and HOT 97.5

Froggy-99.9 and Y94

Grand Forks
XL93 and 97 KYCK-FM

Val and Pal is nearing it's year-long run on radio, but you can listen download any of the 30-second spots on the Val and Pal page on this website.

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