August 11, 2020

Farming for the future

Topic: Leadership

August 11, 2020: NDFB is conducting a survey of its members to determine how to better serve their needs.

Download and listen to the 2020 Member Survey mp3

Read the transcript:

Do you believe research is important? At NDFB, we believe that research is very valuable to all of us in agriculture. It also valuable to us at NDFB as an organization. Providing some information, doing surveys, researching what our members are in need of, what their thoughts are, and as we go into the future, what they see as a need from us as an organization to provide service and to provide advocacy and opportunities for our members.

Currently, NDFB has deployed Aimpoint Research to help us with a survey of our membership; our historical members along with our new members, we are asking for information of how to better serve our membership going forward.

About every five years or so, we embark on a strategic plan. It gives us that focus and that valued information to make decisions for our organization to keep us growing, to keep our organization the most effective ag organization in the state. Heck, probably in the region, maybe in the nation.

We’re proud, at NDFB, to say that we ask our members for input. We are a grassroots policy development organization, and this grassroots information in this survey will serve us for the future of our members, whether you’re a farmer or a rancher, or a member that is an associate, we want to accomplish things that will make every member successful in our great state of North Dakota.

So, when you see this email, please take the time to fill it out. Give us your feedback so we can make better decisions based on our memberships’ input, that we value so much at NDFB.