February 20, 2018

FFA builds leaders

Topic: Leadership

February 20, 2018: It's national FFA Week. NDFB supports the work of this outstanding organization and salutes those who make it all happen.

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Premier leadership development. This week, we celebrate one of the organizations that do a tremendous job in developing the future agriculture leaders in our nation, that is the national FFA organization, celebrating national FFA Week.

All week long, chapters all across this nation will celebrate what is the premier youth leadership organization not only our nation, but arguably, in the world.

What started out in 1928 as the Future Farmers of America, has transitioned into not just rural leadership, but also urban leadership, in developing those scientists, those agri-economic folks or it may be someone that just becomes an advocate for what we do out on the farms and ranches, because of their experience in the number one ag leadership organization for our youth, the national FFA organization.

And right here in the state of North Dakota we have several thousand members that engage in activities all throughout the year and celebrate this week and the opportunities that they have been given.

We at NDFB salute all of our FFA programs across the state. And we want to say thank you to those that put the extra time in, the ag teachers, the FFA advisors, for taking on the role of promoting agriculture and leadership to our future generations. Because at NDFB, we believe leadership, especially when it comes to agriculture, is one of the most important factors in the success of not only our small communities, but our state, as it is the number one industry in North Dakota.

We need those future leaders developed, and the FFA is filling that need.

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